i can has car.

cross-posted from FB, because apparently lj remembers my adventures in car for me. :)

the Saturn has been resurrected! 12 yrs. old, and 241K mi. wow, i drove 40K miles in the past 3 yrs. is that a lot? now that i live with my sweetie and my job is moving downtown, i'll need to take more road trips to get to 300k. want to go on a road trip? we can leave as soon as i get the check engine light to stay off.

lie still little bottle.

i started to go to a naturapathic doctor to get a allergy blood test, which most MDs think is unreliable.

while i was there, i mention that i get tired, foggy, allergies, migraines, moody, and digestive disobedience sometimes. so she gave me a bunch of lab tests. then recommended a bunch of pills. "supplements."

lest i sounds skeptical, let me tell you they made me feel reeeeeealllly good. and by good, i mean calm but unflappable.

anyhow, i'm still trying to sort through the what and the why.

i'm trying to read more on the web about these special "supplements." i haven't found a lot of reviews yet. there are some, like how one bottle has helped a woman's insomnia (which i've never had) or how another supplement was prescribed to kids with autism (hmm).

to fill this gap, i have started a second blog all about how i am feeling. :) if that's the kind of blog you'd be interested in reading, let me know; i'd be happy to share. :)

a nutcracker

i am proud and rather shocked to say i was drafted to play on the Nutcrackers, a Boston Derby Dames team. It seems rather surreal, even though I have been training for it twice a week since the beginning of November.

training felt like being on a reality show, where every couple of weeks there was an elimination and the coaches voted some off of derby island. for me it was a lot like 'the biggest loser,' which i love to watch, because while it is a ridiculous reality tv show, contestants really are learning new skills and new confidence, training and becoming athletes, sometimes.

derby is a real sport that requires speed, endurance, strength and game play. it's also a performance, just in that we have personas and costumes, kinda sorta like ice skating or ballet, except with more kitsch, tattoos, and general vampiness.

speaking of vamps and ballet. my derby alter ego is a ballerina gone bad named Sookie Slayer. everyone on my team are ballerinas gone bad. which means i have to buy a lot of black and pink clothes. and tutus?

my profile just went online yesterday, though no picture yet:
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Want to race?

I went skiing last weekend for the first time this decade. I expected it to be horrible. I can be intolerant to cold, old lady that I am.

Much to my surprise, it was awesome! Cold toes, that got frostbite/nip in the past, stayed warm. The secret - very large boots, loosely bound. (It didn't hurt that it was 40 degrees either.)

I remembered how to ski well enough that I zoooomed down the mountain aggressively. (I am not saying I looked good or was in control, just that I had no fear.)

this year.

Dear Journal,

Sorry I've been neglecting you.

In January I had final exams.
In February I vacationed in Austin, then up to New Hampshire to meet my new nephew.
In March, I took a ski vacation in VT.

Somehow, this has eaten all of this year so far. That, plus work, school, and bridge, which I manage to play 2 games a week, on average.

I partially blame my boyfriend, for being so damn attentive and fun. Plus, there's facebook...

I miss you!

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year in review

Here are the first lines of each month's post in 2008:

Jan: last week i played with PHP and MySQL for the first time.

Feb: i am voting for a Barack Obama tomorrow.

March: tomorrow i'm going to head to toys R us to pick some new two plus person games to play with my dad next week.

April: for my final project, i need to propose, then build a website that my TA will be impressed with.

May: I get email updates with local Pollen and Mold Counts from the National Allergy Bureau.

June: i'm thinking of not renewing my apartment lease, which expires 8/1/08, if i can find a happy comfortable living space to replace it.

July: i recently redesigned my personal web page to showcase what i've learned.

August: no posts

Sept: a drive axle in my car broke in half last thursday, as i was leaving for vermont for my sister's wedding.

Oct.: i worked 10.5 hours today.

Nov: i'm planning to wake up early and line up to vote before the polls open.

Dec: Here are the first lines of each month's post in 2008:


left the house at 6:45 AM, half in pajamas.

there was a line of about 50 people. the line more than doubled by the time the polls opened.

teenagers in school buses screamed cheers for Obama as they passed.

done voting around 7:30.

voting blue

i'm planning to wake up early and line up to vote before the polls open. maybe in my pajamas. i'm really looking forward to voting:

1. Obama for President
2. NO on prop 1.

(A YES VOTE would reduce the state personal income tax rate to 2.65% for the tax year beginning on January 1, 2009, and would eliminate the tax for all tax years beginning on or after January 1, 2010. A NO VOTE would make no change in state income tax laws.)


Your results:
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Jean-Luc Picard
Will Riker
James T. Kirk (Captain)
Leonard McCoy (Bones)
An Expendable Character (Redshirt)
Geordi LaForge
Mr. Sulu
Mr. Scott
You are a caring and loving individual.
You understand people's emotions and
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